The fifth series of Cornemuse has been marked by media convergence, and this has been made possible by the dedicated work of a multi-disciplinary team.

DVD & Internet Team

Multimedia Production Manager
Elaine Jacques

Assistant Production Manager
Martine Quinty

Production Assistant
Laura Bari

Anne Hallée
Maryse Joncas

Multimedia and Educational DVD and Game Designer
Laura Bari

Content Writer
Sophie Legault
Maryse Joncas
Laura Bari
Fabien St-Jacques

Sophie Deleuil-Millette
Julie Thibaudeau
Annyabelle Montpetit
Andrée Henry
Jacqueline Hinds
Mélanie Ranger

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Illustrations - Animations - Flash
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Cornemuse voiced by
Danièle Proulx (French voice)
Roxanne Boulianne (English voice)

Zozo voiced by
Lucie Beauvais (French voice)
Roxanne Boulianne (English voice)
Luc D'aoust

Character Illustrator
Claude Lapierre

Graphic Designer - Characters
Lucie Hamelin

English Translator
Chrystine Girard

Jessica Veillet Loblaw (english)
Élise Rivest (french)

Jacques Archambault
Nicole Williams
Bruno Deschênes

Finance & Administration
Maryline Champoux
Bernard Lavoie
Chantal Carmel
Ginette Lefebvre
Suzanne Tremblay

Carmen Bourassa
Lucie Veillet

Executive Producers
Jacques Bonin
Claude Veillet

Telefiction Productions - Quebec


with the financial
participation of Fonds Vidéotron
with the financial
participation of Bell Fund
with the financial
participation of Téléfilm Canada

The TV team